Community resilience

Third Space educators are preparing for a year-long workshop series bringing improv to all districts of Tulsa for an exciting, healing, and empowering experience in improv.

LaughFinder Improv, D&D Pathfinder inspired role-playing improv comedy

Laughfinder TTRPG inspired comedy

Get ready to combine your love of games like D&D, PathFinder, and more with the thrill of live theater. The troupe has exciting events on the horizon.

Lisa Frank inspired logo for Girl Talk, all women troupe of improvisers

Girl Talk &
Girl Talk: Creatives

The women of Third Space are ready to take ownership of their creative projects. Girl Talk is a moment paying homage to Viola Spolin and the funny women who came after her, while Girl Talk Creatives is an upcoming podcast exploring femininity in the creative space

Third Space player's club

Our 'house troupe' is planning a major celebration of our creative pursuits. Highlighting the improv, sketch, and comedic storytelling talents of Third Space, Player's Club will be touring hilarity through Tulsa, OKC, and online in preparation for the big show. Watch. This. Space!